Outlook updates in iOS and Android

Outlook Updates

Microsoft Delivers Major Updates To Outlook For iOS and Android

It should come as no surprise to learn that Microsoft tends to lead the pack in terms of technology and new software. The company generally delivers the speediest updates when they’re needed the most. Nevertheless, users will agree that the company’s Outlook app for iOS and Android was somewhat behind times. It lacked crucial features that were very popular elsewhere. Thankfully, Microsoft has released a few new updates that will impress users. Below, you will learn more about the new app updates and their improvements.

Groups Feature Is Coming To Phones

Outlook Groups is a great way for users of Office 365 to collaborate and communicate with a team. The Outlook Groups feature gives users the ability to share attachments with one another utilizing cloud-based storage. Simultaneously, users can work with calendar and even a group inbox through this platform. The platform can be very beneficial for project managers and even enterprises. Until recently, it was inaccessible to Mac, iOS and Android users. Microsoft has recently started delivering the updates to current commercial Office 365 users.

The update makes the Groups feature available through iOS and Android phones. Unfortunately, Microsoft has confirmed that Window Phone users will be left out in the cold. Microsoft is still working to integrate the feature into Windows 10 Mobile, so it may take a little bit longer for some users to access the feature.

Other Minor Tweaks

Microsoft has also unveiled several other new features for the Outlook client. For instance, users can now extend guest access to users outside of their organization. Current Outlook users will be able to create invite links to deliver them to the guest directly through email or chat. Outlook for Windows has received changes to the Groups feature. Now, users will be able to delete conversation effortlessly. In fact, they can now select and delete multiple conversation with one simple action. And finally, group members can now be given permission to end emails for the entire group. In order for this happen, the Exchange Administration Center will need to be set to provide permission for such action.

Adding And Editing Contacts

More importantly, Microsoft has added fundamental features to the Microsoft Outlook app for Android and iOS smartphones. Until recently, users were unable to add or edit contacts. In order to alter contacts, the user would need to access their account from a computer or web browser. This was simply inconvenient. Now, Microsoft Outlook app users will be able to edit and add contacts directly through the mobile app. This will prove to be a welcome addition for current users. Simply head to the People section of the application and you’ll be able to add details for contacts.

All contacts can be saved directly to the phone’s native list as well. Simultaneously, the company has taken steps to improve the layout and design of their contact cards. The cards will now display key information, such as phone numbers, email address, and recent conversations or meetings. Believe it or not, these features were previously unavailable. Now, the Microsoft Outlook app has finally entered the 21st century.

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