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Our Hotmail Sign Up Tips Will Guide You Through the Process

Are you interested in getting your very own Hotmail account? If so, this quick guide will show you exactly how to make it happen. We’re here to guide you through the whole sign up hotmail process, so that it’s easy for you to understand. Once you’ve read our article, which includes a helpful link to Hotmail itself, you’ll be able to sign up for your own free email account in just minutes. Without further ado, let’s talk about the simple, step-by-step process that you will need to follow.

We’ve divided the whole process into four simple steps. It’s really easy to follow them and we’ve made sure that our instructions are clear and simple for everyone to understand. We want to make things easier for you!

Hotmail sign up process

Hotmail is part of the Microsoft suite of services and it’s free to use. Just visit the link we’ve posted above in order to create your own account. If you already have a Microsoft account for other purposes, such as playing video games or buying software, this isn’t the right page to visit. Instead, you’ll need to visit the sign in page, where you’ll add your valid ID and then access Hotmail services.Hotmail Sign Up

If you don’t have that type of account, let’s proceed to Step Two.

  • Step TwoFill Out the Required Fields.

During Step Two, you’ll need to fill out all of the required fields on the Create Account page. This includes the usual personal information, such as name, address, birthdate and so on. At this stage, you’ll also need to decide on a password and you’ll need to enter that new password twice. We recommend writing down the password on a piece of paper, as well as saving it to a digital file. Make sure that you have virus and malware protection in order to ensure that hackers can’t access your new password. Better safe than sorry.

  • Step ThreeSubmit Your Account Details.

Once you’ve filled out all of the fields, go to the next step, which is submitting the information. You’ll see a button that says, “create account” at the bottom of the page. Be sure to hit it when you’re done. Before you hit that button, make sure that you’ve checked the box right above it, which indicates that you’re willing to receive information from the company about promotional offers and so forth.

Also, fill out the Captcha, which proves that you’re not a robot. After you do so, hit the “create account” button. If you’ve missed any mandatory fields, the system will not let you process your account. The fields that you missed will be indicated with a red asterix, so it will be easy to find any problems and fix them.

  • Step FourEnjoy Your New Inbox.

Once you’ve sign up in your new Hotmail account, you’ll be taken to your Inbox automatically and you may configure it as you wish (use Settings to create the ideal space for digital mail) and use it immediately.

As you can see, it’s really easy to sign up for Hotmail and we recommend doing so right away. Hotmail is a great way to send and receive email online, without spending a single penny.

Once you’re inside of Hotmail, you’ll have lots of options. You’ll have the power to create Contacts lists, send email, create a design for your Inbox and so much more. You’ll also be to save or delete messages. There are tons of features to check out and they are well worth looking at. Some people use Hotmail for personal email and others use it for business. Some use it for both. It’s a versatile interface which is designed to serve the needs of people all over the world and it’s the kind of quality interface that Microsoft is known for producing.

Now that you know the drill, why not Hotmail sign up right now? Doing so will give you the power to unleash the potential of Hotmail. Whether it’s your first email account or your hundredth, you’ll find that Hotmail provides exceptional services for free, and it’s far superior to a lot of free email interfaces out there.

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Hotmail Sign Up
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